SciVision: rapid modeling & prototypes for remote sensing

Professor Michael Hirsch, Ph.D. and SciVision, Inc. provide model-based design in the remote sensing space. We design and field precision radar, complex optical systems and radio science sensor networks for Fortune 100 and startup companies as well as research institutions.

Model-based design helps catch conceptual problems before building, and early representative prototypes help discover problems the forward model misses. As an experienced experimentalist, Dr. Hirsch will intuitively understand the limits of the prototype and charge ahead to pivot the design as early as possible. These rough and ready prototypes will be displayed with pride when you invite Series A potentials or program managers to your office.

Whether you’re pitching to the National Science Foundation or the sharks, you want the confidence and ability to sail confidently through technical due diligence / grant review because you did early hardware-in-the-loop sanity checks. You will have a more accurate technical development schedule and resource allocation forecast. You will avoid having your employees / Ph.D. students going down a dead-end route because “Matlab said it would work”.

Red Pitaya v1.1 circuit board

Networked radar and Optical Sensing Systems

Fog-computing networks of disposable tossable sensors. Scalable from few to many with low individual node cost.

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Static Cytometer simulation of UV stimulation with malaria samples

Biomedical Diagnostic Devices

Using the best of open source and proprietary software and modeling, machine vision and machine learning algorithms for disruptive field diagnostics.

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Passive FM radar map New England

Geoscience remote sensing: scalable science

Signal exploitation brought to the geoscience/geospace remote sensing domain.

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