Add missing LaTeX fonts

Missing LaTeX fonts can be added via TexLive or MikTeX. Using the symbolic fonts is as easy as:



\faGithub This is a GitHub logo.

You may need to use XeLaTeX in some cases.

Note that in LaTeX we use fontawesome5 instead of obsolete fontawesome, which is old version 4. FontAwesome5 is in TeXLive 2018, which on Ubuntu requires Ubuntu ≥ 18.10 or use a PPA.


Many Linux systems use TeXLive. Here’s how to get a couple popular symbolic fonts (logos for email, phone, GitHub, etc.)


apt install texlive-fonts-recommended

fontawesome5 (for popular emoji and website icons):

apt install texlive-fonts-extra


Windows LaTeX users typically use MikTeX. MiKTeX will automatically install packages as needed. If that isn’t happening, check:

Start → MiKTeX Console → Settings → General → “Always install missing packages on the fly”

Otherwise, manually search for package name and install:

Start → MiKTeX Console → Packages