Best rooms on Amtrak sleeper cars

Amtrak has two primary types of overnight sleeper cars. Across the fleet, the full bedrooms have bathrooms and showers. Only Viewliner I has bathrooms in each roomette.

  • Viewliner I (1990s) single level
  • Viewliner II (~2020) single level
  • Superliner I (built 1970s, refurbished 1990s) dual level
  • Superliner II (1990s) dual level

The special cases are on the Auto Train, which have unique room layouts. In general, the goal is to be near the center of the car to avoid wheel noise and drafts / noise from the vestibule.

Viewliner best rooms

As on all Viewliner sleepers, the best roomette is room #1. This is the only roomette that you can see out windows on both sides. The full bedrooms can see out both sides as well, with the curtains open looking across the hallway.

Amtrak Viewliner roomette #1 hallway view

Amtrak Viewliner roomette #1 is the only roomette that can view both sides.

For Viewliner bedrooms, the quality is approximately equal.

Superliner best rooms

If one prefers the lower level, the best roomette is across from the stairs, closest to center. If one prefers the upper level, the best roomette is #2, across from the LSA room #1.

For Superliner full bedrooms, avoid room A as it is smaller due to the end placement.