Federal job relocation provided movers are fantastic.

The result of my 2007 internship moonshot was a full-time job offer as a federal civilian. Having a great project portfolio on the web and prior work experience helped me get high-end salary offers, which the unique “Demo” pay program of NRL matches. The instructions for the Federal Government contracted movers were to not pack anything, just to disconnect electronics. I separated out all electronics into a closet with a sign saying “Not for Movers”. It took them a day and a half, but they packed everything up, including a delicate glass thermometer. They packed with great care. I tipped the movers each $100 in thanks and so they’d pass the word to the different team that drove the LTL load cross-country. It will take about one week until they will unload at my new home.

So I will spend the next couple days wrapping things up. I have too much electronics to fit in my car, so I will use the UHaul Sport trailer once again. My little 4-cylinder car can pull it comfortably including through the Appalachians. To avoid theft risk I simply plan to sleep during the day Thursday and drive for 13-14 hours through the night, starting at 10pm Thursday. The idea is, arrive after Friday morning rush hour in D.C. since I don’t want to pull a trailer in rush hour traffic!