Get Matlab HDF5 version

Matlab upgraded to HDF5 1.8.12 in R2015a. Matlab is still at HDF5 1.8.12 at least through R2019b. This means to ensure interoperability with files from h5py and other such HDF5-using software, one should currently use HDF5 1.8 files. Newer versions of the HDF5 library (e.g. 1.10) can write HDF5 1.8 files. HDF5 1.8.12 was released in November 2013. HDF5 1.8.21 was released in June 2018 and is perhaps the last HDF5 1.8 release.

Check Matlab HDF5 version

Matlab R2019b shows HDF5 1.8.12 is used:

[majnum,minnum,relnum] = H5.get_libversion()