Nintendo Game Genie-what more could be done?

I managed to finagle a Game Genie, now that Galoob resolved the Nintendo lawsuit this summer for US distribution. The Game Genie restriction into the US for a year has echoes of the over 16 month delay in getting Super Mario Bros. 3 into the US from Japan. I talked my parents into the Game Genie for a bit of learning. The Game Genie modifies register values, a sort of blind version of the program hacking in Basic I did in kindergarten Commodore 64 games. I need to do some digging to find if someone has found a way to make the Famicom cartridges work in the American hardware.

It must be more than the hardware connection, there is probably a software means as Macrovision pulses have been in some movies since the early 80’s. This is purely speculation and for education, as protection of content in an age of increasing connectivity means duplication of protected content will become more of an issue than people browsing shifty classified ads from foreign sources of duplicated software in industry magazines.

Now why would I be investing more into the original Nintendo console when the Super Nintendo was released for this holiday season? Because there are only a handful of games so far, and the $200 price. Wait a year, someone will want to sell a used one, there will be many more games, etc.