read huge RINEX files in Python with GeoRINEX

Reading RINEX files in Python or other languages historically required compiling or buying complex software. Several years ago, we created the GeoRINEX Python 3 program and library to be used with RINEX OBS and NAV files, including Hatanaka compressed files or other compression wrappers like ZIP.

Version 1.9 of GeoRINEX added the ability to read only every N seconds from a RINEX file with option georinex.load(..., interval=). This greatly speeds up reading where coarser time intervals than the RINEX file provides is needed. GeoRINEX uses performance-oriented techniques to read RINEX files at speeds approaching compiled languages, using Pure Python + Numpy and Xarray for metadata rich results.

If you use GNSS and RINEX in your work, you will probably like GeoRINEX for Python 3.