RFSpace SDR-IQ - 0-30MHz, 190kHz BW dynamite SDR receiver!

I was delighted to receive an RF Space SDR-IQ. It is like a refined version of the SDR-14 that has been out since 2005. It adds band-switched filtering to help mitigate overloading from strong HF signals on large antennas. 190 kHz instantaneous bandwidth is enough for most CODAR (HF wave radar) or most any other current HF waveform. 14 bit ADC along with auto-bandswitched filtering gives the SDR-IQ the dynamic range for typical uses on moderately large antennas in the face of strong signals.

It is a little more amateur radio oriented in that it can masquerade as a Kenwood radio for control by external programs. This will be useful for receiving WSPR and other reverse beacon efforts.

The fact that it goes down into the ELF frequency range means I can use it for WWVB.

It doesn’t require external power, just USB power so this allows tucking it into some tight spaces as an IF for microwave applications.