Wear OS LTE smartwatch Google Fi

FCCIDCarrierModelGoogle Fi compatible?
QIS-LEO-DLXXN/AHuawei Watch 2No

Battery life

With light-moderate LTE smartwatch use:

  • Cellular off: 36 - 48 hours
  • Cellular on: 8 - 12 hours

If using a data-only Google Fi SIM, you might consider shutting cellular “off” when not needed.


  • The free data-only SIM instead of the phone/voice for smartwatch is an excellent value on Google Fi, sharing Google Fi data bucket with the main phone.

Google Fi’s group pricing pools the Wear OS device data with other devices. There are two ways to use Google Fi on an LTE smartwatch:

  1. data only FREE adding a data-only SIM to a Google Fi plan. Add up to 9 devices such as tablets, watches, old smartphones, etc. SMS does not work from a data-only SIM.
  2. voice/text/data $15/month additional using voice/text/data Google Fi SIM. Google Fi/Google Voice will not number forward to other Fi devices.

For #2, your Google Fi cost with smartphone + smartwatch would be:

$20 voice/text$15 voice/text$35
$10 1 GB data$5 0.5 GB data$15

That’s $50/month total for phone + LTE smartwatch on Google Fi for 1.5 GB of shared data.

Users that don’t like to carry their smartphone (e.g. while exercising) and need voice calls may want the voice/data SIM for their LTE smartwatch. Also this voice/data SIM in the LTE smartwatch is a convenient backup phone for those who need to have two phones for reliability (on-call, VIP, etc.).

Activate data-only

  • You must order a free data-only SIM to get the free shared data
  1. Type the code on the SIM card attachment into a web browser
  2. Power OFF the watch, and using the spanner tool that comes with the LTE watch, remove the AT&T or other SIM
  3. insert the Fi SIM into the LTE watch, then power on
  4. You will have data-only (no phone on watch, texts via phone) LTE Google Fi smartwatch.
Google Fi APN

Google Fi APN

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE with Google Fi network

APN: h2g2 for Google Fi, don't adjust Network settings

A Wear OS watch will function semi-independently AS LONG AS your smartphone is on and internet connected somewhere in the world using get LTE or WiFi for emails/phone texts/et al. E.g. you forgot your smartphone at home on the charger–you will get emails etc. on your Wear OS smartwatch over Wifi or LTE.

Google Fi says that devices compatible with T-Mobile will generally work with Google Fi. I notice that the device is on T-mobile normally and may roam to AT&T (not guaranteed to roam, per Google Fi terms of service).

Activate Phone/Text/Data

  • Google Fi / Google Voice will NOT number forward to another Fi device. Maybe a third-party number forwarder would allow one phone number to ring watch and phone.
  • You must order a VOICE/TEXT SIM, not a data SIM for the watch (see data-only section if you don’t want phone on the watch)

Data Metering

The Google Fi app will break out the usage for each data-only SIM separately, so you can see what the LTE smartwatch vs. tablet vs. phone is using.

Wear OS LTE Smartwatch on Ting