Switching from Blackberry to Google Pixel

Moving from a Blackberry Priv to a Google Pixel Phone is generally a very positive experience, helped by the more powerful Snapdragon 821 CPU of the Pixel phone.

Things better on Google Pixel than Blackberry Priv and Blackberry Passport

Charging Google Pixel Phone

Google Pixel phone uses USB-PD charging, which is NOT compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge of current Blackberry hardware–Pixel will just charge at standard 5V rate with Qualcomm Quick Charge chargers.

To get the full fast charging rate of the Google Pixel, you must have a USB-PD charger that uses a USB-C connector on BOTH ENDS of the cable.

Business hardware Google Pixel Phone

Google Fi is inexpensive and works very well with 3 carriers + WiFi calling. Also the Pixel has very many LTE bands for generation-leading worldwide LTE coverage.

SPLIT SCREEN of Android 7 Nougat is awesome! Better than “work wide” on BB10.

The multicolor indicator LED of Pixel (unlike DTEK 50/ DTEK 60 single color LED) is quite useful for distinguishing out of the corner of your eye who is messaging you (boss/work/personal).

Business apps for Google Pixel Phone

  • Blackberry Hub+ apps very useful on Pixel (and other Android), particularly for business use
  • Blackberry Hub works properly with Exchange servers for push notifications, unlike Gmail app–push doesn’t work right on standard Gmail for me with Exchange

GPS performance of Google Pixel Phone

GPS is far better on Pixel than Blackberry Priv. Google Pixel works equally well when using the Pixel upside down in a vehicle cup holder while charging. The Blackberry Priv GPS was almost unusable if charging upside down in between-seat cup holder.

Google Pixel hardware performance

  • Pixel has extremely fast and responsive camera
  • excellent in low light–no flash needed for better pictures vs. iPhone in low light
  • Brightness minimum (including eye-friendly night mode) much better on pixel than Priv
  • Pixel single speaker much better low-frequency response than Priv
  • Pixel speed of CPU very favorable, everything is tangibly faster
  • ability to set high resolution font mode (small font) getting a lot more on screen
  • Pixel XL resolution same as Priv (2560x1440)

Things less favorable on Pixel than Blackberry

These items are deficiencies of the Google Pixel Phone versus the Blackberry Priv.

Wireless improvements needed for Google Pixel Phone

  • No Bluetooth aptX high-fidelity wireless audio
  • Pixel cannot select specific Wifi band (2.4/5 GHz) – Blackberry Android can pick band, BB10 can pick band on per-AP basis
  • No wireless charging on Pixel

Google Pixel software enhancements needed

  • Pixel has no productivity tab, even with Blackberry Launcher
  • I miss Blackberry Android soft-keyboard (John Chen says this will only be for Blackberry hardware…maybe someday he’ll change his mind)

Google Pixel hardware improvements needed

  • No SD card slot on Pixel – suggest getting 128 GB Pixel vs. 32 GB
  • No third convenience hardware button on Pixel–on Blackberry this is often useful as hardware mute button or anything else user chooses
  • I miss Blackberry hardware keyboard–but the Pixel soft keyboard swipe is pretty good

Wish list for Google Pixel Phone

  • waterproof
  • dual speaker
  • aptX

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