Upgrade to TOC header in Minimal Mistakes Jekyll theme

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sed Stream Editor and find are combined to instantly remove include toc from a large number of pages. Minimal Mistakes Jekyll theme ≥ 4.7 has a new toc: true header field. Here’s how to quickly upgrade to automatic table of contents listing for all of your pages and posts at once.

  1. make a backup copy of your Minimal Mistakes webpage directory.
  2. delete all legacy toc includes: {% raw %} find . -type f -name “*.md” -exec sed -i ’s/{% include toc %}//g’ {} + {% endraw %}
  3. insert into _config.yml in the appropriate scope the toc: true value. For example:

      - scope:
          path: ""
          layout: single
          toc: true
  1. Verify it’s working before uploading
   bundle exec jekyll serve

and browse to http://localhost:4000 to check a few pages that table of contents is working. * Don’t use the --incremental option as you changed _config.yml. * If something isn’t working, make your changes, close and restart this command to make _config.yml changes take effect. 5. When satisfied, git commit and git push.